Abstract Topics

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Legislation, Regulation, Policy 

  • Political analyses
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Economy and economics
  • Modelling and forecasts
  • Other

Frontiers of Research  

  • Clinical research (from case studies to controlled clinical studies) 
  • Animal models
  • In-vitro (lab) studies 
  • Epidemiology
  • The plant science
  • Oils, extracts, and other preparations
  • Other

Clinical Experience, Experienced Clinicians

  • View from the doctor’s office 
  • Nurses and other paramedical staff in the field
  • Case studies and series of case studies
  • Education and standardisation


  • Patient focused studies
  • Advocacy and Activism
  • Other

Emerging Industry

  • Case studies
  • Regulation models and their impacts
  • Economy and economics
  • Medical cannabis and cannabinoids and the mainstream pharmaceutical industry -  competition or synergy?
  • Other

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