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International Conference on Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Policy, Science and Medical Practice 2017 will:

  • Further raise overall media and political awareness about the quickly developing and extremely promising field of the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids.
  • Bring together cutting-edge researchers and scientists in the field of medical cannabis and cannabinoids.
  • Summarize the effectiveness of different legal approaches allowing medical cannabis in the broader context of a global prohibition on psychotropic drugs, that has created legal, logistical and economic barriers to the availability of medications to people in need.
  • Provide a floor for the strengthening and better coordination of the global movement of patients, who can and/or do benefit from the use of medical cannabis and its derivatives.
  • Support business opportunities in the field of medical cannabis and cannabinoids by networking between entrepreneurs and other involved groups, and between entrepreneurs and investors themselves. 


What is the aim and objective of 2017 Medical Cannabis Conference?

The expert conference on medical cannabis and cannabinoids is a forum for scientists and other experts, practitioners in the field such as medical doctors, pharmacists, medical nurses and other medical staff, for patient activists, for decision makers and for general public – and last but not least, the media. The main objective of the conference is to bring the latest information and best practices on introduction of medical cannabis into modern evidence-based medicine and to help to establish the use of medical cannabis as a standard medical procedure.

Local context of the conference

Medical cannabis is legal and available in Czech pharmacies, but there’s a long way to the full acknowledgement of medical cannabis within Czech medical system. Despite global trend of maximal use of medical cannabis and decriminalization of cannabis as a whole, despite more and more countries and states going full legalization way, Czech expert public still retains its conservative stance: doctors are afraid to prescribe cannabis, and even if they wanted, they don’t know how. We miss comparative studies, expert practice and foreign experience. Tearing down these barriers is one of the objectives of Medical Cannabis Conference. 

Conference organizers


Kenes is a PCO with broad experience in organizing global meetings on different topics. KENES works on a global level and with the 2017 International Conference on Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids, it is broadening its scope by introducing the topic of medical cannabis into its portfolio of conferences. This strategic step on the part of KENES further stresses the growing scientific. medical, social and economic importance of this well-established yet fast-developing scientific field. KENES expert knowledge is the full-scale conference service, including event management, promotion and associated management services. KENES is a global leader in meeting planning, dedicated to medical and scientific events. KENES has a wide experience of the marketing, branding and promotion of state-of-the-art events.


ResAd is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic; its main fields of activity are research and development in drug epidemiology, drug situation monitoring, drug policy and in the fast-growing field of medical cannabis and cannabinoids research; within this framework, ResAd has a significant history of organizing scientific and educational events. ResAd was the organizer of the 2015 Medical Cannabis Conference in Prague. Together with its sister organization, ICCI, ResAd has established authority and expert knowledge in the field of medical cannabis research and has also established a network of contacts among leading scientists, politicians, journalists, patient organizations and public figures. ResAd also provides international public and media relations services in Central Europe, and provides targeted global media coverage.

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